65 Fantastic Examples of Responsive Website Design

In my last post, I wrote about the basics of Responsive Web Design. With mobile technology like smartphones and tablets becoming ubiquitous, Responsive Web Design is quickly becoming a “must have” for websites. Implementing responsive design ensures usability on a variety of devices. This, however, does not mean your website will look like everyone else’s website. Responsive design is simply coding that allows your site to respond to its environment, optimizing the content for different devices and operating systems. In fact, responsive design can often afford even more creative options for site design. Take the Boston Globe and Pack for example. The Globe’s site is content-heavy – as they are in the content business, while Pack – a social media site for dog owners – is more visual-focused due to minimal content needs. Both sites were created with Responsive Web Design. Both are simple to navigate and visually impressive. But most importantly, both sites are designed to achieve business goals.


Let’s check out some more examples. The following list features some of the best examples of responsive design from a variety of organizations across multiple industries. From small business to large corporations to non-profits, these 65 sites boast impressive designs and intuitive functionality. Notice the use of color, shapes and photography. Notice how each site combines content and functional needs with striking design. You can scan the list by industry and check out your competition, or just take a scroll through and get some inspiration!


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