2013 Super Bowl Ad Round Up

The most memorable and forgettable 4 million dollars you will ever see.

Each year, millions of people tune in to watch America’s “new favorite pastime” and every year big-brands drop a large portion of their ad-dollars to receive just 30-60 seconds of the nation’s attention. Rest assured, this year’s lineup was no exception.

Super Bowl XLVII attracted over 108 million viewers last Sunday, making it the 3rd most-watched Super Bowl in NFL history. Whether for the game, the ads, or the halftime show, a staggering 45% of U.S. households watched.

Although TV viewership dropped from last year’s record-setting statistics, mentions of the game on social media were up -way up- surging to a 300% increase from last year. Over 24 million people tweeted about the big game. For some perspective, that’s more than the residential population of New York. Of those 24 million, nearly 30% of the mentions were in regard to the advertising and their million-dollar strategies.

So, without further adieu, here are some of our favorites and a few others that scored a home run…wait…wrong sport.

Most “Feel-Good” Ad: Budweiser’s “Brotherhood.”
In most circumstances, this ad spot would be weird. But to think of a Super Bowl without the Budweiser Clydesdales is like watching a Super Bowl without a power outage… oh wait.

Most “Uncomfortably Effective” Ad: GoDaddy’s “Perfect Match.”
The Monday after the ad aired GoDaddy broke its single day sales record, tallying 10,000 new customer acquisitions. Sex still sells… I guess.

“Pulling on our Heartstrings” award goes to Dodge with their “Ram Farmers” spot.
If you didn’t tear up at the end of this, you might not have a soul… Or as Dodge may see it, even be a true ‘MURICAN!

The award for “Instant Classic” goes to Taco Bell for its “Viva Young” commercial.
The infamously fourth-meal brand picked up 10 thousand Twitter followers and 163 thousand tweets during the game alone.

“Mr. Opportunistic” Super Bowl ad goes to Oreo who whipped-up this clever tweet during the power outage. Well played Oreo, well played.

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