A little soul in the mix…Winner and still champion

by James Brown

My name is James Brown…No – not that James Brown but I proudly bear the name and I am the EXCITED winner of the Vote by Design contest. As the newest addition to the Jacob Tyler creative workforce, I would like to take the opportunity to officially say hello…so… “HELLO!”

Earlier this year, while I was on break from school, I entered Jacob Tyler’s Vote by Design contest in an attempt to retain an internship in the San Diego area… and to work for an awesome agency…obviously. The contest was for a prize sum, a paid summer internship, and of course, worldwide fame and thousands of adoring fans. Aside from that last part, the contest seemed like the perfect way to personally brand myself, while completing my scholastic requirements, all the while giving me the chance to work along side the awesome graphics team at JT.

I am a Graphic Designer by trade, with origins in fine art. I am currently in the process of completing my BFA at the College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY. I had taken time away from school to follow a career in music and other such opportunities, but as of the last two years, decided to cross my one main regret off my life list and finish my schooling.

As for why I wanted to relocate to San Diego…although I am originally from the east coast, I lived in Huntington Beach, CA, for more than 5 years before returning to school in 2011. Countless California natives talk a big game, saying they would love to try NY for a while. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely great parts of the American northeast, but I’d be lying if I wouldn’t rather deal with June gloom than have to scoop even one more shovel of snow.

Anyway, at a certain point I had to ask myself… Surf or Shovel? Seems hard right? Yea, not really. But, with that said…it is a pleasure to be here and THANK YOU to all who helped me get to this place. I am fully enjoying my time at Jacob Tyler thus far and hope to see a multitude of sunsets in the months to come.