An excerpt from the upcoming bestseller: "The Adventures of Jacquie & Tyler"…

By Jacquie Benini


Being a Mom to the most amazing 10-year old boy has its shares of ups & downs, but still my son Tyler and I share a very unique bond. The love of life, adventure and good communication.

On a mission to further educate my boy on all things in life, I find myself planning hiking and camping trips to Utah, sharing a frozen hot chocolate with him at Serendipity in Las Vegas, taking him to tour a ghost town or see the freaky folks @ Comic Con and having breakfast on the field @ Petco Park on game day! As an avid music lover, I wanted my son to experience his first concert, so over the summer he was able to do this and thus far has seen my favorite performer and now his too, Mat Kearney at 3 different venues throughout So. California.  Last Saturday was by far the greatest performance! Tyler got to shake Mat’s hand twice, was in the front row, got his guitar pick & scored a kick-ass concert t-shirt!  Tyler said to me at the end of the night “This was the greatest night of my life Mom, thank you for being so cool & doing all these fun things with me”. I agree that night was pretty phenomenal for me as a Mom.

But truly, for me the most rewarding experiences spent with my son are when we just get to talk about life, challenges, goals and planning our next big adventure!

Even though he is only 10, he has a way of re-assuring me that there is good in this world and that there is so much to be thankful for. He is an amazing listener and communicator and really knows how to put things into perspective. He listens intently to my conversations and I feel so much better after talking to him. He is my rock and I will continue to do all that I can to show my son how great life is and to experience all kinds of fun things so that we have plenty of stories to share!

I am the World’s luckiest Mom!