Billie Jean live at the 1983 Motown Awards.

By Les Kollegian

Okay…so normally I reserve this blog to discuss Graphic Design, Web Design, and Search Engine Optimization topics in order to inform my clients and site visitors about what is currently happening in the industry with other brands and marketing strategies. I have to make an exception here!. This is in my opinion the 5 minutes where Michael Jackson branded himself as the best pop-music icon in history.

When Michael Jackson took to the stage for this performance in 1983, I was 13 years old and sitting alone in our apartment watching on a 20″ TV. Thriller had just been released and I really didn’t know what to expect. All I know is, not only was the performance amazing, but I spent the next 12 months trying to learn how to moon walk. It’s a shame how his life seemed to take such a downward spiral. Much like Elvis, I believe when people hit a certain level of world fame, I think it becomes virtually impossible to handle. Anyway…below is the video for those who missed it or just plain miss it.