Jacob Tyler and CablesForCauses.org To Donate All Profits from MultiMedia Cable Sales To Charity

Donate Proceeds to Charity 
Taking a step toward social support: Companies team up to counter retail cable markups with lower product costs with proceeds going to charity 

SAN DIEGO, February 18, 2011 — Jacob Tyler, a San Diego based Brand Communications Firm and CablesforCauses.org, a web-based HDMI and USB cable provider, joined today to launch a brand new socially savvy platform asking web and social media users to purchase a cable, vote for their favorite cause or both all to support their chosen charity. Visitors to the CablesForCauses.org website will be able to vote for their favorite charity from a “charity pool.” The number of votes cast will determine what percentage of the cable profit donations will be given to each cause. (Note: A site visitor does not need to purchase a cable to vote). For those who buy a cable, they receive a high quality cable at a wholesale price, which ends up being less than those sold at retailers. At the end of the 4-month voting period fed by social network sharing and conversation, the pool will be divided among the causes, with each organization receiving a percentage of the proceeds correlating to the number of votes cast. The program starts immediately. 

“Taking a dull errand like cable buying and transforming it into a cost effective, social, charitable click is a modern day detour in how we raise money for charities. Everyone wins,” says Les Kollegian, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of Jacob Tyler. 

“I was shocked by the retail markup of cables. That’s when I decided something had to be done,” says Adam Weiler, President of CablesforCauses.org. “Now, not only can I provide the consumer with cables at reasonable prices, but I can also take advantage of money already being spent and put it toward something good,” adds Weiler. At site launch, the charities part of the “charity pool” are: 

Pricing at Cables for Causes can be significantly less expensive than those found at top retail locations. A 6 foot, gold plated, high speed v1.4 Micro-HDMI to HDMI Cable with Ethernet from Radio Shack for instance costs about $50. That same cable from CablesforCauses costs $9.99. Twelve foot cables have an even bigger discrepancy as the cost at retail is around $80, while Cables for Causes will provide a 15 foot cable for only $15. No matter what the product or price, all profits go straight to charity. This translates to over 40% of every sale. 


About CablesForCauses.org
CablesForCauses is committed to bring the highest quality cables for a fraction of the price paid elsewhere. Not only are you getting a better constructed and higher performing cable at a great price, with CablesForCauses help will be provided to worthy charities. All of its cables are made with the latest technologies, including 24k gold plating, triple shielding and next-generation standards. The company can be found at www.cablesforcauses.org 


About Jacob Tyler
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