Jacob Tyler To Expand In-House Search Marketing Expertise

Jacob Tyler acquires experienced SEO company, Optimize4You

SAN DIEGO – April 2, 2009 – Search engine marketing is no longer an option for website owners; it’s a requirement in today’s web-driven world of business. In its ongoing effort to offer clients a comprehensive online strategy to drive sales and site visits, Jacob Tyler is proud to expand its in-house SEO team with the addition of Marilyn Taylor and her company Optimize4you.com.

Marilyn Taylor, President and Senior Search Engine Marketing Consultant, founded Optimize4You with the goal of sharing her knowledge of SEO and quality techniques with website owners, big and small. Taylor brings over 10 years of SEO experience to the Jacob Tyler team, providing a diverse and balanced view to all her projects. Taylor has sharpened her skills and developed winning SEO strategies by working on sites like www.HeidelbergEngineering.comwww.Tillys.comwww.TeamMai.com andwww.ShopBlinds.com.

“We recognized the expertise available through Marilyn’s company,” says Jacob Tyler Owner and Creative Director Les Kollegian, “and felt that it would be beneficial to our clients and to our team to bring those services in-house.” Les also stated… “We are especially proud of O4U’s process and integrity developing and teaching SEO in an industry that includes many unqualified personnel and outright fraud.”

“We are looking forward to working with Les and his team and helping new clients see greater results from their online marketing efforts,” says Taylor.

In addition to the expanded list of SEO in-house capabilities, JTCG will now offer SEO training and courses to help JTCG clients become their own SEO stewards. The client, who is the number one expert of their business, will be able to make real-time changes and updates, which is imperative in today’s Web climate. Overall, the result is a more effective and competitive online marketing strategy and improved ROI.


Founded in 2000, Jacob Tyler Creative Group is headed by Les Kollegian and has created campaigns for Intel, FOX TV, America Online, Chili’s, Gateway, US Playing Cards, and Qualcomm. To read more, please visit jacobtyler.com.

To interview Les Kollegian, contact Brooke Mason – brooke@jacobtyler.com or call 619-696-8776

Optimize4you is group of experienced SEO practitioners who have been working in the search marketing industry since its inception. Their deep understanding of how search engines operate provides valuable knowledge on how to boost search engine ranking, attract high-quality clicks and enhance overall site performance. To learn more, visitwww.Optimize4You.com.