Potential Project Goes Philanthropic; Unraveling the Concept Behind Cables for Causes

SAN DIEGO – May 3, 2010 – Sunken Stone INC, a leading online vendor of high-quality audio and video accessories, approached Jacob Tyler Creative Group to spearhead a refreshingly simple yet charitable project. Cables for Causes offers cables for any HDTV, Computer, Printer, Laptop, BLU-RAY, or other electronic device and turns an every-day consumer purchase into a charitable donation. (And by the way, Consumer Electronic Sales topped $700 billion worldwide in 2009).

Sunken Stone INC, challenged the creative team at Jacob Tyler to develop a user-friendly web interface in addition to a functional look and feel that would effectively leverage the charitable nature that is the core of Cables for Causes. President Adam Weiler said, “I was involved in the retail Consumer Electronics industry and witnessed sales on accessory cables substantiating the majority of profits due to the high mark-up…then it occurred to me that for every cable we sold, and for every cable purchased elsewhere (over $50 million dollars of HDMI and accessory cables were purchased in the US in 2009 alone) Cables for Causes could offer the same cables and convert 100% of all after tax profits into a donation for the Cause of your choice. Sunken Stone benefits from economies of scale for our other brands and at the same time we are raising millions for charity, it’s a win-win.”

“Our Cables. Your Causes,” exclaims Les Kollegian CEO and Chief Creative Officer at JTCG. “The idea is so simple, it’s brilliant. You’re literally taking one category of products, providing them to the same market at a more reasonable cost and making it easy for your customers to become ‘micro-financiers’ for the cause most important to them. JTCG couldn’t be happier to be involved in a project like this.”

Upon successful launch of the site, visitors will be called to share, tweet, or update social and peer networks with news about the Foundation or Charity they supported via Cables for Causes. Consumers and activists alike choose the cable they need and vote for their cause in order to see the donation dollars accumulate. The cause with the most votes, receives the largest portion of the accumulated donations. Voting is open to all, with no purchase necessary, making it a truly democratic process.

Simply put, Cables for Causes is harnessing the power of the collective consumer to generate financial support for Causes around the world. By offering professional quality cables of only the most popular lengths and connectivity options at an affordable price point, Cables for Causes aims to maximize the donations generated for each cause with the help and expertise of JTCG.

Adam stated, “Jacob Tyler is a well-known, creative agency in San Diego with the Interactive and E-Commerce database experience I was looking for to build and execute the Cables for Causes web site. Upon initially meeting with the team, I found their passion for the philanthropic nature of the project refreshing. After having experienced their creative process and seeing firsthand the talent of JTCG, I was sold; the energy and focus towards this project have exceeded my expectations, and I cannot wait to see what they come up with next.”


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