Call Me Maybe? Everyday? for 10 days.

As a bit of in office entertainment, we decided to enlighten our dear team member Matt with a daily dose of “Call Me Maybe” – his favorite (insert sarcasm here) song. He quickly caught on to our brilliant plot so we proceeded to disguise the links, memes, etc we sent his way with links and other such camouflages. The result was priceless, an incessant stream of the song stuck in, well – everyone’s head, and a consistent frustration from our dear Matt.

We thought we’d enlighten you with our content selection to pass on to an unknowing office mate of your own.

Enjoy it … maybe.

1. Kickin It Old School

call me maybe

2. The Infamous ‘Let me Google that for you’.

let me google that for you call me maybe

3. Obama Droppin Maybes on the Mic.

4. Harvard Baseball Calls it Maybe

5. Cookie Monster Shares it Maybe

6. Call Me Crazy… But Really…Crazy.

7. The Business Card.

8. Use the Force Maybe

9. The One That Started the Fanfare

10. And The Original …