Chairpants!!! For those who prefer to sit… it's so easy…

by Jonathan Marshall

So standing sucks…. it’s just unnecessary? After a while it basically becomes an annoying pain… in the thighs, calves and mainly butt area. Chair pants uses an incredibly technical, space-age/golf bag technology that is activated by an initial “sitting motion” made by you! Now you can sit when you are at the grocery store, lame parties, and even when you want to take a break while dancing without having to go back to your table! The possibilities are endless!

This viral video is one of the many social elements in DDB Vancouver’s new advertising campaign for the BC Dairy Foundation. “The Weak Shop” offers consumers a suite of products to help compensate for limp limbs due to lack of milk consumption.

“Shhhh… It’s like a little nap…. for my legs.”