Could SML be the New Pink? Involver thinks so.

By Nicole Fletcher @nicfletch
Social Media Director for @jtcg
Involver released a new programming language today called Social Markup Language or SML. The language was designed to make it easier and faster for front end developers to produce facebook and social media applications. CTO Noah Horton says there is no reason for delays in getting your content alive and kicking and SML is the answer to that problem. They will be offering access to the language on a subscription basis. If a user chooses to discontinue, he or she can take their app UI with them but have to redo the backend. SML is, according to Networking Effect, a vast improvement on a previous tool the company produced earlier. Horton went on to say that big brands want their apps to be as customized as possible, so a template-based approach is less viable.

According to Mashable, Involver believes this innovation in coding technology will put them above and beyond their competitors. Seeing as it just launched, there’s no telling what this could mean for the biz, but there are over 125,000 facebook fan pages currently using Involver apps and that figure is only expected to grow. Also, one of Involver’s biggest clients is none other than Facebook itself. Could SML be the new pink? And if it is, wouldn’t Facebook be smart enough to acquire this new tech wonder? Check out the video below- what do you think?