COVERPLAY – Shark Tank Entrepreneurs

by Jonathan Marshall

COVERPLAY, Jacob Tyler’s web design and brand strategy client and now Shark Tank entrepreneurs appeared on ABC’s hit TV show The Shark Tank last night. COVERPLAY business partners, Allison Costa and Amy Feldman impressed the Shark Tank investors with their business savvy and the potential of their product. COVERPLAY had the investors scrambling to come up with competing investment offers in the company.

Feldman and Costa created a sanitary cover that is used to cover a child’s play pen to protect them from bacteria and illness. The original idea came to Costa while staying in hotels with her twin babies, she realized there is a definite need for a slipcover to go over a child’s playpen. The inferior playpen provided by many hotels were full of germs and stains. Jacob Tyler Creative Group created the COVERPLAY brand and filmed the Video and pitch that was used to land their Shark Tank debut.

Feldman and Costa initially asked the Sharks for $350k for a 15% stake in their company. In the Shark Tank, the two San Diego business women had multiple ensuing offers from the Sharks, including attempts from all three investors at upwards of $500,000. Finally Allison and Amy chose to go with Barbara Corcoran, who offered $350,000 at 40% interest in the company.