COVERPLAY – Web Design Before and After

Digital Dimensions before and after
COVERPLAY, the first slip cover designed for play yards, came to JTCG with an amazing product and a Web site that really didn’t tell the story. Furthermore, it wasn’t very user friendly and certainly didn’t resonate with their target market…moms. At first, the client requested just a face lift their current Web design. After close review and some market research, JTCG requested to do a full re-brand in order to make the most of the new Web site and marketing strategy.

The first site was very cluttered and flooded with a blue spotted background that took focus off the actual product. As well, there was no company logo and no clear message as to what the product was and its benefits. JTCG tackled the project by starting with the COVERPLAY logo design. It seemed clear that the logo could be more fun, colorful, and friendly. Also, we wanted something that would really catch a potential customers eye when walking down the aisle at target, kmart, or sears, where the item is currently being sold. JTCG designed a logo with a soft look and feel, a pastel color palette, and a visual of a baby peeking his or her head over the top of the letters, much like a child would do in a play yard.

For the site, JTCG wanted to keep the overall look very clean… for the same reason that COVERPLAY makes the slip cover product… to keep a baby clean and germ free. We used flash sparingly, but always as a form of interactive function. For example, the virtual room was created using flash to enable potential customers to see how the product would look in their very own room. We enabled the user to choose patterns while changing the color of their wall and floor or even to upload a photo of their room and place the play yard with slipcover inside it. Also, we use nomenclature that is more friendly to the market. For example, we changed “Testimonials” to “Mommy Reviews” and rather than showing the testimonial, we show the child photo that the parents sent in associated with each review.

We are very pleased with the outcome of the site and now all we have to do is finish the instruction video. I’ll post here again when we get it done. Check out the site at