"Facebook is completely changing the way we do things!?"

by Jake Brenner

As a leading digital communications and social media agency in San Diego, our inboxes are flooded with emails surrounding any Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or Google+ change. These emails come from current clients, previous clients, prospects and yes…even competitors.

First off, we’d like to mention one thing we find surprisingly ironic. Amidst emails, blogs, wall posts, tweets and texts there rests a common denominator: a fear of change. Those who are apprehensive of Facebook’s sudden change are those who originally preached the massive shift from traditional to social marketing, or the social movement as we like to call it.

Obviously, we’ll be the first to support social media and can plainly see several business functions that benefit because of it. However, it’s puzzling to us that when social media itself evolves, the Internet becomes a haven swamped with articles and buzz criticizing the site for what? Evolving.

Without even the smallest changes, evolution is impossible. In order to evolve at any level it’s vital to accept new changes and develop different strategies to compensate (especially when it’s forced upon you).

Specifically in this case:

Yes. You’ll need to rethink your current “non-fan page” strategy. And yes, your “tabs” will not function like they did over past years. Finally, yes. You will have to evolve as a social media marketer *sigh* (get over it).

So, what are you going to do? We’ll show you. Throughout the next 3 weeks we will be releasing multiple blog articles on the Jacob Tyler Facebook Timeline to seamlessly guide you through the process (just in time for Timeline 2012 on March 30th).

Each article will discuss a newly changed feature (or opportunity, as we call them) of the new Timeline and will help console any fear you may have. We’ll then explain how we’re shifting our social clients’ strategy to capitalize on these new features. So, let’s all drink the pink Coolaid (Oh yeah!) and take a trip to the Timeline zone together:

Designing Your Facebook Timeline

“Branding Your Company’s Facebook Timeline Cover Photo”

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