Facebook Timeline 2012 – Three Underestimated Features

by Chelsea Daus

It’s a bittersweet change for brands unprepared for the March 30th automatic conversion, but we’ve highlighted three underestimated features. Not only does it aid brands in further customizing their pages (learn how to best design for timeline), it also gives them the opportunity to share their story with fans. With the new format capable of recording events as far back as the 1800’s, Facebook Timeline now allows brands to highlight past events on their timeline as well as add cover photos to complement profile images. These are the basics and if you don’t already know this, move that rock you’ve been calling, “home.”

‘Fan-to-Brand-to-Brand Messages’

Our own name for this great communication tool that allows not only brands to privately message each other but also for fans to send direct messages to the brand that perhaps they don’t want seen on the wall. However, pages cannot send messages to the fans – this may be to prevent spam or ads to the fan.

Use this new feature to increase your social media ROI by decreasing customer service phone calls to your “local” call center. Coincidentally, advising fans to send you a direct message allows for cleanup of negative posts on your brand’s wall (aka Timeline).

Timeline Message

Friends Boxin’ it

This genius little tidbit informs fans that X number of their friends already “like” the brand page. Thus delivering even more incentive for the fan to “like” the page (think of it as an endorsement). Brownie points: any conversation with your brand in a friend’s post appears immediately on the right side of the timeline. This “six degrees of separation” game generates a relationship with your current fans, new fans and common interest as a whole. Essentially, this is sales at its best: networking…Ah-ha, perhaps the original nugget of wisdom behind Facebook’s creation?

Friends Box

Your Stories. Your Events

A new option offered by Timeline is to have up to 8 apps to further tell your story.  Use these  sections to feature fans, celebrate events, post career listings, apps, videos…there’s a tab for everything. Must we list them all? Find out for yourself how customizing your page with custom apps adds an entirely new dimension to your brand’s social life. An impressive example that some brands take advantage of is by featuring a related Twitter feed from your fans on Facebook without forcing them to leave the page. Need some assistance getting that ball rolling?
Facebook Timeline Apps

It Never Hurts to Ask

As a full service brand communications and social media agency in San Diego we have the resources and experience to ensure your Facebook Timeline is never out of date. Check out Jacob Tyler’s Timeline for ideas, advice and general forums to discuss the benefits of telling your story the right way.