Facebook Turns On Facial Recognition For Tagging By Default

As posted by Mashable

If you have a bunch of tag-happy Facebook friends, you may want to read this. Facebook has been rolling out a facial recognition feature that makes it easier to tag friends in snaps, and it has introduced this feature as a default setting.

We first heard about Tag Suggestions back in December.

The feature basically means that whenever you’re offered the chance to tag groups of your friends in an album, Facebook will use its facial recognition technology to group similar faces together and automatically suggest the friend you should tag them with.

The option has been rolling out to international users over the past few months, and according to a report from Sophos, the social networking site has been making the facial recognition feature a default setting. Facebook explained the rollout in a post on Tuesday.

If you don’t want Facebook to suggest you when your friends go to tag everyone in that picture from last week’s naked mud-wrestling pool party, here’s how you disable the feature:

  1. Go to your privacy settings.
  2. Click “Customize settings.”
  3. Scroll down to “Things others share.”
  4. Find “Suggest photos of me to friends.”
  5. Edit accordingly.

Although this is an easy fix, we can see some privacy-focused users getting peeved about the option being turned on without their knowledge. And this wouldn’t be the first time Facebook has turned on a feature without users’ consent (heck, we even wrote an entire guide to Facebook’s privacy features).

What do you think of this latest change?

UPDATE: European Union data-protection regulators will be investigating the new feature and its privacy implications.