Functioning Form: Why Great Creative is Only the Tip of the Iceberg

At Jacob Tyler, Award winning design is a beneficial agency quality that helps determine our successes, garner local and national recognition, and when all is said and done correctly, should inspire new business. (Insert JTCG Design Awards Link HERE!) However, with award shows popping up everywhere in the industry and smaller designs shops starting to generate the momentum to compete with the LARGE branding design agencies with access to unlimited resources and advertising budgets, actual design is the just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to selecting an agency for your business. Now, that is not to say that good creative isn’t necessary to run a successful web development agency, but striking a balance between effective design and efficient operations is.

As a branding agency of thinkers and executors, we pride ourselves on providing boutique-style flexibility and service paired with BIG agency capabilities in order to best serve our growing client base. In our case, following the top-down structure of a large agency would not necessarily be advantageous to our clients or to the growth of our business but utilizing the standards and practices of client-agency communication developed in larger shops keeps us organized and on task. In comparison to these Large agencies’ structure, Jacob Tyler reduces the number of contact points between the client and the creative team in order to keep needs met, facilitate efficient communication and in short, produce more good work with less review and revisions. This keeps projects in scope, on track and within budget, making clients happy and giving designers more time to, well, design.

As a smaller, more nimble creative Agency, we do not have (or need) what some would consider “the luxury” of an account person devoted to each client (and yes, we have more than a handful of them. Gasp!!).The structure we implement at Jacob Tyler allows us to efficiently and accurately respond to proposals, create project bids, conduct initial discovery, develop strategy, schedule design tasks, receive input from client reviews, meet deadlines and facilitate long-term client-agency relationships. Yes, design time is always a factor with any project, but our experienced team of creatives have proven themselves time and time again under the direction of Les Kollegian, Charlie Van Vechten and Jose Alonso. At Jacob Tyler Creative Group your businesses needs will be met with a myriad of effective design solutions that our operative team is prepared to coordinate and our creative team is ready to execute.

Next time your business is looking for creative advertising solutions you can look at the awards but make sure you look a little deeper. You never know what overarching, unorganized structure might be lurking below the surface of the newest creative shop or who’s hiding behind the curtain in a Big Agency. At Jacob Tyler Brand Communications Agency all our cards are on the table, and we think we’ve got a pretty darn good hand.