Key Branding Lessons from Security Companies

It’s no secret that home security isn’t the sexiest industry in the world. Homeowners who are in the market for home security are looking for protection, safety and peace of mind. And because home security is founded in the concept of stability, it does not lend itself so well to trendy, eye-catching advertisements.

In fact, the true image of a successful home security system is almost inherently boring: a family living their normal lives, carrying out their daily activities without drama or conflict. And while this might be the most realistic image of a successful home security system, it’s not a particularly thrilling one.

So how do home security companies advertise their products in a way that still draws attention from potential customers? Here are a couple key ways home security marketing campaigns take a seemingly vanilla product and engage consumers anyway.

• Emotions matter. Eliciting emotions to create compelling advertisements is a long-standing and powerful tactic. While some home security companies used to rely on scare tactics (imagine a commercial depicting a woman home alone when her security system stops a threatening intruder), many providers have moved away from fear to focus more on eliciting positive emotions instead. Although the purchase of a home security system isn’t likely to generate ecstatic joy or elation, it can still summon one important and persuasive feeling: empowerment. Home security companies use advertisements to emphasize the notion that purchasing a security system can be a proactive step, not just a reactive one. By portraying confident, comfortable, empowered homeowners, security companies are able to engage consumers without creating grim scenarios.

• It’s OK to focus on secondary features. The central foundation of home security is protection, but home security companies have recently used secondary features to grab the attention of consumers. Security systems are no longer simple bread-and-butter alarms; they include high-tech features like remote monitoring, home automation, and more. Even though the core of home security systems is still safety, security companies have proven that it is sometimes beneficial to focus on a product’s bells and whistles, especially when consumers are already very familiar with the product’s primary purpose. Since most homeowners already know what a security system does, it is beneficial to captivate their interest by displaying exciting new features that they may not have already known about.

• …but still stay true to the product. Even though the consumer perspective on home security may be growing more sophisticated, it is important for advertisers to still remain loyal to their company’s overall brand image. At the end of the day, consumers looking for home security want a product they can trust, not just one that will turn heads.

Michelle Smith is a marketing guru and freelance writer. She can be found writing in her home in sunny Boca Raton, Florida. Michelle encourages your feedback via email.