Make Your Mindset Social: Facebook Ads Worth Clicking

By Nicole Fletcher

A Facebook Ad caught my attention today…and that’s pretty rare in and of itself. Yes of course, I run and manage facebook ads daily but it’s admittedly rare when one catches my eye enough to inspire a click or, God forbid, a like.  That said here’s a screen shot of the one that captured by valuable attention today:

making birdies facebook

My first thought, being a mediocre golfer at best, was, “Yes, I do LIKE Making Birdies” (cough, it may not happen very often… but I do indeed like it) and turns out Vitalyte spokesperson Milena Glusac does too. That got me thinking: New businesses are born and bloom every day. They go through naming, branding, planning, etc. Are they, in today’s modern social world, incorporating social into the entire process? It seems like Making Birdies is. Mind you their ‘coming soon’ website failed to load on my computer, and I have literally no idea what they do or who they are beyond their facebook description which reads, “We will cover golf tips for all levels and course reviews from around the country,” but they must be doing something right, as they have over 226,000 likes. Yea you heard me… 226,000+ likes.

They named their business with social in mind. Sure, I like Skittles and Target but those are already established brands and things who really don’t have to work to get their first 100k at least. The many actions & daily joys with which I’d like to associate myself are an untapped market and I think this is the mindset every new business should have. Thinking socially about what people could possibly want to associate themselves with is a smart way to establish a presence for your brand on the social web. In this case, Making Birdies has successfully translated the youthful joy that comes when a golfer gets a birdie into 1 like, then 2 likes and now, nearly a quarter of a million likes.  It almost doesn’t matter what they do or that their website doesn’t work. They saw the opportunity to grow a massive community and they took it. With a following like that…imagine the possibilities. Granted, I’ll disclaim, I know nothing about this company so if I’ve said anything incorrect, please forgive me. They did though spark an idea I thought I’d share.

If you’re not a new business owner or dreamer, or even if you are and you’ve already named, planned etc…what you should take out of this post is this: BE CREATIVE. I’m picky with my ad clicks. If it’s not smart or intriguing, I don’t click it and I certainly don’t like it. Similarly, if I don’t think it’s smart and will inspire conversion, I won’t run it. Be creative in your promotions, content, wording, ads, the list goes on. Gone are the days of simple existence. Complacency kills so step up to the place, take the high road and work your way to the top. If you don’t, your days will surely be numbered.