New McDonald's Campaign… Does it Work?

Since you definitely can’t read the small font at the bottom of this first ad, it says, “To get the message out about a McDonald’s free coffee promotion, a common street light was transformed into a giant carafe pouring a cup of coffee.”

Creative Advertising

The second one is a little more self-explanatory, but it might take a second to register… These bus stop windows are full of coffee beans…

Creative Advertising
In the world of Creative… there has been mixed feedback on this advertising agency, campaign and I’m kind of on the fence. While it certainly is eye catching, I wonder if clients with smaller budgets than McDonalds would pay for this type of creative? Usually, if they do, they have a progressive approach to grass roots marketing and see the potential value through increased product/brand recognition.

Companies like McDonald’s that purchase these campaigns obviously realize the strength of their brand recognition and hope to take a little chunk of business away from their competition (i.e., Starbucks) by getting people in the door to try their coffee. It’s a tough battle.

We’ll give them an A+ for the message though. If giving away coffee doesn’t get people in the door… what will? After all, “FREE COFFEE UNTIL MAY 3rd AT McDONALDS.” sells itself.

What do you think?