NIKE always stands by its core purpose

We often talk about “Core Purpose” when speaking with clients about their brand. A core purpose is essentially what your business will stand by in both good and turbulent times, even if your business mission/vision changes. Thanks to changes in technology, marketing environments, and more… obviously, all businesses must embrace change. Even during change, your business core purpose must stay consistent. For example, 3M has a core purpose that states “Solving Ordinary Problems Innovatively”. They stand by this with every product they manufacture right down to the “sticky note”. NIKE’s core purpose is to “Experience the emotion of winning while crushing your competition”. Have you ever noticed that virtually every commercial they create embraces this statement? Below I have posted one of my all time favorite NIKE commercials. Not only is the concept fantastic, but the execution is flawless. Check it out.

It’s too bad they can never play it again on TV since they used Michael Vick.