Nikon gets in your Face…

Perhaps one of the most direct, in-your-face (literally) examples of interactive advertising Nikon has ever pushed. The popular technology-giant received inspiration from our celebrity-glamorized paparazzi culture to launch the brand’s D700 model in Korea.


At a heavily-visited subway station in Seoul, Nikon mounted an enormous interactive, light-box billboard with life-size images of anxious paparazzi. Completely jammed together as if the subway station was a premiere, the paparazzi look like they are fighting for the best celebrity pic.

All of the passersby became instant celebrities when the motion of them walking by the billboard automatically triggered a surge of flashing camera lights. The newly-crowned, on-the-spot-superstars then continue down the red carpet that leads out of the station and into a mall – directly into the store where they can buy the camera that they are still thinking about only mere seconds after walking past the billboard. Textbook execution. Thumbs up on this one Nikoninteractive advertising superstars.