Redefining Brand Loyalty…

Okay…we may be boring you with this by now but I have to say that whether you think the ad is “creepy” or not, NIKE nails it again with their recent Tiger Woods Ad. Why? It got more value out of the FREE press discussing the ad than if they actually aired a 2 minute commercial on the Super Bowl.

So…Tiger Woods’ multiple infidelities have completely dominated the majority of news media all over the world since Thanksgiving. The event has changed the perception of Tiger in the minds of his his peers, family, and fans. As for his sponsors, Acenture and AT&T dropped him almost immediately… Nike didn’t however.

Nike upholds a set of brand values that differentiate them from other sponsoring brands- the acknowledgment of frustration and disappointment as simply one of many stages of success. Nike is a brand you can rely on. You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to keep getting better, and keep trying harder. Other than pushing the value of experiencing the emotion of winning and crushing your competition, this is the idea they have used to their brand on for decades.

Last week NIKE aired the following ad on ESPN and the Golf Channel as Tiger Woods made his return to professional golf at The Masters:

To advertising agencies everywhere, this is a sign that the role that brands play is evolving. Brands that matter are understanding and accessible. They stand for you, they are LOYAL. That’s what makes them icons. The other brands are simply trademarks that may or may not be positioned in our minds to fulfill a purchasing necessity…

Tip of the cap to Wieden and Kennedy, Nike’s creative agency… and luckily for them, we have a feeling Tiger will be coming back strong.