Social Networking: Marketing to and Through Mobile Devices

Although the spread of next generation mobile devices, like the iPhone and Droid, goes far beyond just social networking, the two trends do run together. That’s because both are central to the notion of a more digitally-integrated business world. No longer do you need to be at the office to be connected, or to draw lines between what’s professional, social, or just fun. The different areas of our busy lives are starting to bleed into one another, and the sites and technology we use is following suit.

That’s not to say that knowing more and more of your social networking contacts are connecting via mobile devices means that you have to change your message all that much. Instead, you just have to be aware that they’re out there and make sure your content and profiles are accessible. Here are a few pointers to get you started in the right direction:

Make things accessible. In most cases, a couple of hours spent with the quality web designer will ensure that all of your webpages, social profiles, etc., are accessible via mobile devices. In fact, sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others make it easier than ever to follow people when you’re on the go, as well as send information. Still, it bears mentioning that your company’s web presence should load on mobile devices. If it doesn’t, you’re taking away the option for people to visit you when they’re away from the office.

Design and release mobile device apps. While not necessarily technically a social networking strategy, the best way to make your company more integrated into your customer’s mobile lives is by coming up with easy-to-use apps that they can add to their devices and connect with you. Whether it’s a small program that loads account information, or just a quick day-to-day news feed that keeps them on top of your industry, try to come up with an app that will make your customer base wonder how they ever lived without it.

Send info when you’re on the go. Mobile devices aren’t just for your customers – they can help you stay on top of your social network marketing plan when you’re not sitting in front of a computer. If you have an extra five or ten minutes waiting for a train, before lunch arrives, or in some other quiet moment, why not take advantage by updating Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts? Since the key to your social network marketing plan is consistency, I definitely encourage you to take advantage of all the mobile tools available and make it convenient to work in what would otherwise be downtime.