Sole Junkie Book Published!

Sole Junkie Vandal Art Book
When Jacob Tyler opened it’s downtown San Diego Web Design office in June of 2006, we had ample space that we thought frankly we would not outgrow (who’d a thought we are already busting at the seams) so in order to save some $$, we subleased the loft in our space.

In walks Mike Long, a phenomenal Creative Director that had applied for a job at Jacob Tyler soon after he moved from NYC to San Diego. We had spoken about a year prior but at the time there wasn’t a position at JTCG for him. Since we had a lot in common, we kept in touch and he ended up subleasing our loft to run his creative consulting business (Transit Creative) and work with Jacob Tyler on design projects. It worked great for us because we had the talent on board and in the office to bounce ideas and designs off of without paying a full-time salary.

In early 2008, Mike took on the endeavor of designing a book about the artist Steven Cedre Jr. Steven specializes in creating custom artwork for sneakers that is truly incredible. During some of the photo shoots in our office and meetings with him, we realized his art is truly exceptional and a talent that requires an incredible amount of patience and imagination. The book is FINALLY published and we are proud of what Mike has created. It really came out great and we are happy that we were here to see it happen.

It’s a GREAT read with amazing photography. If you’re into shoes or “vandalism” art from the roots of NYC, it’s a MUST buy. Please check it out and show support for an amazing idea coming to fruition, as well as amazing design work..