Heather Roth

Passionate. Dedicated. Bright. It’s impossible to describe Heather in a word or two. She’s one of those people that can completely change the dynamic of a team, simply by being who she is and doing what she does. For her it’s second nature, but truly impressive to witness.

She’s been impressing people for more than a decade with a handful of companies, accomplishing enough to quickly fill up the dreaded second page of a resume. Perhaps most notably, she built project management departments from the ground up in two different San Diego-based marketing agencies. But Heather would tell you she’s most proud of the people she’s met and worked with along the way. Yeah, she’s humble, too.

Her love of marketing started blooming early on in high school. In fact, during her first semester, she traveled to Milan to grow her knowledge and perspective on the industry. Later she attended Point Loma Nazarene University, where she majored in Industrial Psychology, and continued to pursue her passion. Passion that has only grown since.