The Year is 1965 at Jacob Tyler Sterling Cooper Draper Price

Mad Man Les Kollegian IS Don Draper

Ok all you Mad Men fans, Sterling Cooper Draper Price has taken over the posh San Diego digs of Jacob Tyler for the day!

Our own Charlie aka Roger Sterling has already begun his day with a glass of the best scotch and dictating memos to everyone’s favorite feisty redhead Joan aka Jacquie while debonair Don Draper aka Les makes his way to the office following a night of utter indiscretion and surely a hangover to go with it, he finds himself regretting that 5th vodka gimlet!

Meanwhile, Kenny Cosgrove aka Steve is working on his next big story…Peter aka Rich is out hustling Sony for a bigger than life deal while Peggy aka Nicole is typing content for the Lucky Strike ads!

It’s a great day at Jacob Tyler Sterling Cooper Draper Price, would you like your scotch neat or on the rocks?

Jacob Tyler Sterling Cooper Draper Price

See us Live on Video… Today, May 13, 1965

Okay…Sorry…but we had NO idea we were going to be THIS popular. We had to shut the video for now until we adjust for bandwidth constraints. Don’t worry we’ll post LOTS of pics. You can always check out for the latest.