Valentines day: Good For Those With a Mate, Bad For Those Without a Date.


Dreaming of your perfect date this Valentine’s Day? One of our newest clients, I Dream of U, is here to make those dreams into realities. Kiss your lonely Saturday night goodbye, click off that Lifetime flick, and get the heck out of that overcrowded club. Don’t worry; you don’t even have to relax your grip on that pint of Ben and Jerry’s. Not only can you find your dream date, but you can do it from the comfort of your own home. Just sign up, answer a few simple questions, and start building your dream person. You’ll be well on your way to adding in another spoon to that ice cream carton in no time.

I Dream of U is now holding a pre launch Facebook contest where five lucky winners can each win $500 toward their ultimate dream date! Just “like” the I Dream of U facebook page and write a quick blurb about what’s a deal breaker on your first date.  We’ve all been out with a few bad apples, so remembering why they never made it to date #2 should be a piece of cake. Maybe they felt chivalry was dead and picking up the check was so 90’s. Or maybe they took you to McDonald’s because hey, there are a lot of options on that dollar menu.  Whatever the case, take a second, think back, and submit something clever.

Enter your response before the contest closes and we might just kick in $500 to fund your Ultimate Dream Date.

Dream. Build. Connect.