5 Reasons Why Your Social Media Plan May Not Be Working

By Nicole Fletcher

As a follow up to yesterday’s post, I thought I’d go into a bit more detail as to why your social media might not be up to snuff and what you must do to see success in this area of your marketing plan.

1. First and most obviously, you created accounts and didn’t do anything with them. Sorry guys, unlike your website, you can’t expect social media success without consistent, fresh content. Remember, complacency killed the cat.

2. You’re updating frequently but you’re not seeing results. You might be talking at your fans, instead of talking to them. In order to execute a successful social media strategy, you must engage engage engage. Social media is a two way street. Treat your target market as it deserves to be treated. Certainly self promote and inform your community of what’s going on with you, but also talk to them. Find out what they want from you and finally, include interesting, pertinent, free information they might like to hear about.

3. Similarly, make sure your profiles have a voice and a personality. Determine what that voice sounds like and make sure that sings through your posts and updates. Don’t speak as the brand – speak as the person behind the brand. Making a personal connection between your customers and your company gives your clientele a sense of comfort and, subsequently, an increased sense of brand loyalty.

4. You have a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a YouTube channel but they don’t have a presence on your website. I like to think of social media as a cloud of networks through which your customers can reach and interact with you. If they’re not connected, you’ve got a number of disjointed clouds and what good does that do you? None. Place these icons in a prominent location on your website. I recommend the top right corner as that tends to be the norm.

5. You think of social media as a quick fix, get frustrated and give up. Social media is an integral part of your long term marketing plan – stick with it, have fun and success will follow.