5 Tips to Think Tank Tuesday

We want to change the way our clients think about their brand. To do so, we have to change the way we think at Jacob Tyler. Cue Think Tank Tuesday.


Think Tank Tuesday: (pro noun) (verb) think-tank-Tuesday a.k.a. TTT

  • a monthly team brainstorm meeting
  • a project is thrown into the think tank
  • team members work collaboratively to solve a problem
  • disruptive ideas welcome

After launching this new brainstorming concept, we came up with 5 tips for success. Check out how we trigger disruptive thinking at Jacob Tyler:

1.  No TTT is alike

There’s nothing more disruptive and exciting than the element of surprise. Every TTT pushes the envelope with new locations, unusual agendas, a creative brainstorming process, and fun elements (get your markers, paint and glue ready). One TTT may involve breaking out into teams of five and searching for an envelope that sparks a brand strategy brainstorming session. Another may be a blindfolded taste test of a client’s new energy drink versus its competitors—the more unconventional, the better.


2. Pre think

The best brand strategy thinking takes a little pre thinking. We warm up our synapses by sending out a pre TTT assignment or thought-prompt. Without giving away the TTT surprise experience, the prompt helps build excitement and gets the team in the TTT state of mind.

3. Eliminate groupthink

The purpose of team brainstorming is to generate a multitude of ideas, not one idea. TTT’s structure helps to give everyone a voice.


4. No idea is a bad idea

TTT acts as an inviting forum for every idea, thus eliminating any fear of contributing.


5. Break the rules

When you envision a company-wide meeting you probably imagine a conference room and a keynote speaker. But TTT isn’t confined to a conference room, nor one speaker. It’s organic and it breaks the rules.

Stay tuned to see what happens at our next Think Tank Tuesday.