America's Favorite Pink Drink Goes Social

By Nicole Fletcher

In case you didn’t take my word for it before, social media is a big deal. America’s favorite pink drink Pepto Bismol has jumped on the glorious band wagon along with the rest of the world and has shifted their marketing budget from nearly 100% traditional, to a mere 10%, leaving the other ~90% for the world wide web. Remember when I talked about finding your target market, no matter your industry and that every demographic has a presence online? Well, antacids just found theirs.

Brand managers looked into the existent chatter around the brand and found that the most common references related to overeating and the color Pepto Bismol pink. And so, they went with it. Pepto revamped their look with a new facebook and twitter page in addition to a fabulously low budget but admittedly laughable youtube video starring Ken Jeong of The Hangover. The company saw a 7% increase in sales in July, August and November, the biggest growth the pink liquid makers have seen in years.

So, social media skeptics if you still question your industry’s place online, think again because if Pepto Bismol can find its niche, so can you. Watch the commercial.