Armchair viewing, redefined.

by Jonathan Marshall

In its latest outing for Toshiba, Grey London collaborated with The Mill to film “the world’s highest commercial,” shot 98,000 feet above Nevada’s Black Rock desert.

To capture the spot’s footage, two Toshiba hi-def IK-HR1S video cameras and a lightweight chair were suspended from a high altitude helium balloon and floated into space until the chair EXPLODED from extreme atmospheric pressure 98,268 feet. That by itself is awesome…

According to Grey’s Creative Director on this project- it was about demonstrating that they can show something unbelievable while saying next to nothing for the entire ad. It’s about making this gigantic leap in the mind of the consumer. Going from a technology company that always talks about how great your life could and should be, to actually showing them something they have never seen before. Branding 101.

For all of those Brand Experts out there, this campaign is a clear and dramatic brand statement that supports their tagline, “Leading Innovation.” That’s what they do, “that’s in Toshiba’s DNA,” – their company is built on it.

Pushing the technical limit with the highest high-definition commercial in the world was the goal. What better way to SHOW innovation, experience and expertise than to use their own product to accomplish this feat.

Exceptional concept, goal and overall execution.