Capture the Holidays

In honor of the holiday season, I thought it might be fun to look into the wonderful world of film and how to truly take advantage of the latest photo related developments in the social space.

First of all, Apple just named Hipstamatic App of the Year. This photo app sporting the tag line “Digital Photography never looked so Analog”, gives you the freedom to alter the lens, flash and film, thereby changing the look of your pic. It’s a paid app, $1.99, but well worth the cost. Of course you can seamlessly stream to facebook, flickr etc so you and yours can revel in the classic aesthete of old school imagery. Just point, shoot and mess around. You no longer have to be a designer to create fabulous looking photos.

Foursquare launched today two brand new features, photos and comments. Gowalla teamed up with Foursquare a while back in an attempt to bring various geo location users to the same social plane. Touche. Especially because now everyone’s favorite check-in service (cough foursquare, I’m biased) launched this update for iphone and web with Droid and Blackberry coming soon. Gowalla had these features before and must have seen this coming – after all, better to be friends with the big kid on campus, than competitive enemies.

A few more fun apps include OldBooth, that allows to give a super old school spin on your pics, CameraBag, which gives you fun tools like the fisheye lens and finally Pano, giving you the tools to create unreal looking panoramic images straight from your phone. No, these gems aren’t free but who can really complain about $3 when it comes to the awesomeness you get? Get out your mobile device, snap some Christmas pics and start playing. Who knows, this could be the answer to your last minute shopping prayers. Happy editing.