Thirsty for something new? Formed in 2012, Blink Energy Water is a beverage manufacturer that believes you should have the energy you need without all the excess sugar, chemicals, coloring and calories. While showing up to Jacob Tyler with essentially an idea on a napkin, their now ever-growing product line features low calorie, fruit-flavored waters that have added caffeine to keep folks energized while they hydrate.


Blink Energy Water wanted to stake their claim amongst energy drink enthusiasts, but as a fledgling start-up in an already oversaturated market, they had their work cut out for them. They needed seasoned brand experts collaborating with them to create their brand from the ground up and help them stand out as a deliciously fresh drink alternative.


Always up for the challenge, we came on board to guide them through building the Blink Energy Water brand, which at the time only had two flavors. We discussed at length their fit within the industry and how to find a home in the hearts of their consumers. Together, we crafted their identity from its very name to developing the packaging and interactive experience that would cement the brand. In the end, we served up Blink Energy Water, the preferred premium beverage brand that could give its competitors a ‘marathon run’ for their money.