Client Spotlight: Volkalize

One of the most rewarding parts of our work at Jacob Tyler is seeing our clients grow and succeed. As a part of the creative team that helps to shape our clients’ vision and brand, we’re invested in their success. One of our clients, Volkalize, has seen an explosion in growth since it launched in May 2013. Volkalize, founded by Jordan Bosstick, is a political social networking site that integrates politics with popular culture by providing the platform for political discussions on the web. We recently caught up with Jordan to discuss Volkalize’s past, present and future.

JT: What is Volkalize?

Jordan Bosstick: is a political social networking site that provides a platform for political discussions on the web. We’re not affiliated with any media outlets or specific political party or ideologies. is a place for political enthusiasts to voice their opinions away from the noise of mainstream media or partisan stereotypes.

JT: What drove you to create Volkalize?

JB: I’ve always been interested in politics, and became politically active in college. Like a lot of Americans, I became frustrated with bias in both the media and political parties. There’s so much selective coverage in political media. Volkalize capitalizes on the growth of citizen journalism, and provides a platform where average citizens can discuss issues that matter to them. We’re not affiliated with any political party or media outlet. All ideas and discussions are welcome.

JT: Why is Volkalize important?

JB: The average American doesn’t feel like they have a voice when it comes to politics. Look at voter turnout, people either don’t care, or don’t think their vote matters. With Volkalize, we’re promoting citizen journalism and providing a platform to give voters a voice. With that voice comes power. Hopefully, the kind of power that holds politicians accountable for their actions and keeps them in check.

JT: How does it work?

JB: Anyone can start a discussion topic or write an article. Volkalize is not only a platform for information and ideas exchange, but also a way for the average citizen to get published. We provide the layout and accompanying pictures, and share the stories via social media. We promote the stories as if paid writers wrote them. I think Americans, particularly young Americans, would rather read something written by our friends or peers rather than something written by an outlet that we perceive to be biased.

JT: How has Volkalize been received so far?

JB: The response has been great. We now have more than 50,000 followers on Facebook, and almost 10,000 on Twitter. That’s a significant audience that gives our users a significant voice, and it’s growing daily.

JT: We really enjoyed working on the website with you to create a simple, clean design. Why was that important to you?

JB: I wanted the website to be accessible for everybody. I wanted my 70-year old dad to be able to log on and figure it out. The site needed to be self-explanatory. A clean and easy user-experience was really important to me. The design really came out great!

JT: What’s next for Volkalize?

JB: I want to continue to grow our audience and continue to give the average citizen a voice in the American political process. I’m preparing to start raising money and finding investors who want to help grow the site. I’ve got some new features in mind, so stay tuned!

We’re very proud of Jordan’s success and looking forward to big things from Volkalize.