Comic Con brought sexy back this year!!

By Jacquie Benini
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That’s right ladies, after a very lengthy 200 minute wait in line to pick up our badges….(yes, at Comic Con you all must have “stinkin badges” to gain access to this event)…
Justin Timberlake was IN THE HOUSE yesterday! I was pleasantly surprised to say the least as he traipsed on out of the stage during the 20th Century Fox movie panel to discuss his role as lead hottie in the new movie, which comes out Oct 28th, “In Time”….let me tell you he came out just in time for me, cause I had told my boyfriend moments before that I was ready to move onto the next event in Hall H!
comic con 2011 justin timberlake

There was an array of celebrities to behold in addition to Justin like Amanda Siefried, Charlize Theron, John Favreau, the original green machine himself Lou Ferigno otherwise known as “The Hulk”, Gil Gerard known to most as “Buck Rogers”  and super movie producer Guillermo del Toro as well as those known for their abilities and strengths in the Superhero world like, Capt. America, Ironman, Black Widow & Wolverine to name a few.

There were tons & tons of men, women and children dressed up as their favorite characters like Darth Vader, Stormtroopers,  Sucker Punch girls, Gears of War soldiers, monsters and even some random outfits thrown together I am sure in a hungover state of mind just to call even further attention to one self!


As always, we had plenty to see and do as we walked endless miles throughout the convention center checking out the vendor booths and the panel sessions.  I am certain we probably walked about 30-40 miles yesterday, or so it seemed! my feet are still killing me!!!

Well, we certainly hope to be able to go to Comic Con 2012, but the availability for pre-sale tickets left many a person dissatisfied to say the least!! I really do hope that the sales process is a much easier one in the years to come…

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live long & prosper comic con fans….