Common SEO Misconceptions

Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practice is as simple as picking the right keywords.

We’ve all already been there and we all know that if it were that basic, we would all have number one search engine result rankings. Meta is important, but I’ve had top ranking sites without inputting any meta data.

If I just have a lot of links to my site from other sites, I’ll rank super high and get lots of traffic and make lots of money!

All links are weighted by importance. Links from directories earn you fewer points with search engines than a link from, for example, A few really valuable links are worth more than many garbage links.

Links from an advertising banner may get you fewer points still. These aren’t totally invaluable if they are getting you pertinent traffic, and especially since traffic is calculated as part of your PageRank, but the link itself doesn’t earn you much.

Search Engine Optimization just isn’t for me. (Only if…)

The only viable reasons I can conclude for why search engine optimization isn’t for you include all of the following:

  • You would rather pay higher costs for pay-per-click campaigns.
  • You would rather by a Yellowpages ad.
  • You have no competition for your product, service, or business name online.
  • You don’t want more business.
  • You don’t want business outside of your geographic target, localized to fifty square miles or whatever is a reasonable area for you or your staff to physically go hand out a business card.

Remember that people searching for you or your product or service are already searching for you, or your product and your service! Why not make it easier?

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