Creativity International 40th Award Winners….

by Les Kollegian

I’ve been reading the “Creativity” books for the past 20 years to get inspiration from some of the best designers and agencies in the world. Frankly, before I start any project, I like to sit back and review how my peers have solved similar creative challenges that we are tasked with daily…Creativity books are always great for just this purpose. With that being said, I was completely honored when I was asked to be an Interactive Judge for the 38th Annual Creativity Awards (in 2008). I felt awkward being a judge for “Interactive” and submitting pieces from our company that I would be directly judging, so we decided to only enter Jacob Tyler print campaigns that year… and we were thrilled to take a platinum award for the Trader Vics Las Vegas Menu System .

The following year was even more exciting. Creativity International asked Jacob Tyler to create a full re-brand of their logo, Web site, awards, and all marketing collateral to announce their 40th anniversary. I couldn’t believe the book I was reading for 20 years asked ME to change their entire look. I felt accomplished and nervous at the same time. The entire creative industry would see what we developed and either like it, think it was just “ok”, or worse yet… make fun of us. I know we can’t please everyone, but I am very happy (and so is our client) with the new look and feel the team at Jacob Tyler developed. While in development of the new Creativity Web site and brand, we entered multiple submissions and won seven Creativity Awards.

Jacob Tyler is proud to be associated with Creativity International and also happy that our work was featured in their latest marketing reel (below). We hope that Creativity International continues to grow and inspire designers globally.