Design Skillz…

by Jonathan Marshall

I found this unbelievable Design blog that features five new up-and-coming artists/graphic designers with every new post. Although my focus is on writing, and my degree is in advertising, I would love to be able to produce work like these guys. The artists featured on Think Design are VERY impressive, interesting and inspiring.

I think there are graphic design companies San Diego that have quality designers and artists, but then there are artists like the ones featured in this blog that really set the bar at almost unreachable levels.

My favorite out of all the featured artists from this entry is Ralph Karam, he uses that retro 80’s bright color theme throughout his work. Hot pink, yellow, green and blue are everywhere, and you can also tell he has a deep-connection with the ones and twos, there are a few turntables in the mix as well. He also has an amazing piece that he did on an entire wall of a three-story building, that is outstanding. I don’t even want to know how long it took to finish that thing, unbelievable. The guy is SERIOUSLY talented, and even though I couldn’t even come close to replicating anything like what these artists have done if my life depended on it, I appreciate quality and their abilities.