Even though Batman's lost his first step… he has been inspiring Halloween costumes for decades…

by Jonathan Marshall

So growing up I idolized this superhero, everyone did – he was SOOO COOL… From his awesome Bat suit and Bat mobile to his underground cave and crazy nemesis Joker – what’s not to love? He had me dressing up as Batman every Halloween until I was in 11th grade… uhh.. (cough cough…) I mean uhhh… 4th grade…? Ya that’s right… 4th grade.

Anyway, he must be the exact same person who was acting as Batman when I was 10-years-old because he lost his quickness and vanishing ability over the last 15 years or so… Regardless, Batman is still and always will be a badass, and happy Halloween weekend from all of us at Jacob Tyler!

“We are always in your debt Batman.”