Fast Food Feedbag… cuz sometimes you just don't want to have to pick anything up…

by Jonathan Marshall

Today the JTCG Blog features a hilarious video from the ONION, America’s Finest News Source (for fake news) even though it seems pretty realistic sometimes – especially this video. It sadly wouldn’t surprise me to see people walking around with these ridiculous bags on their faces one day… But I digress. Enjoy the video!

New Wearable Feedbags Let Americans Eat More, Move Less

Fast Food giant Yum Brands unveiled a product innovation this week that may change the way Americans eat! Finally! Drumroll please….. The Fast Food Feedbag! The innovative design of the feedbag meal does away with the hassles of chewing and stopping to breathe while eating!!

Executives of the company consistently heard comments from customers like, “I really love your food, but I wish it wasn’t so much work to have to eat it.” “Sometimes I don’t feel like moving my arms, so this way you can just have it on your face, close to your mouth, so you don’t have to pick anything up.”

Yum Brands is marketing the bag as a solution for multitasking business professionals as well as busy, fat and generally lazy Americans…