From High Tech High Media Arts to Jacob Tyler: A Day in the Life of an Intern

By Travis Van Vechten

My name is Travis Van Vechten and I am interning here at Jacob Tyler because of my high-school’s month long academic internship. Every eleventh grader has to do one, and mine is here. When first coming to this internship I didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was that we were going to have a meeting first thing when I arrived. I got here early on the first day and my Uncle Charlie showed me around and introduced me to a bunch of people, or ‘creatives’ as they call themselves. Then, we went into the meeting with some of the people that would be working with me throughout the month. We talked about what I would be working on through out my internship. They decided that in addition to developing my own brand identity, it would be great for me to work on their VOTE by Design campaign to show me every aspect of what they do at Jacob Tyler.

I had no idea what this VOTE Campaign was when we first started but I learned much more when I went to the kickoff meeting for the project. This project, as all projects here, requires a huge team effort. Because of this, they have involved me in all of the meetings for this project, and they then inform me on the next steps that we will take. After the kickoff, the Project Manager scheduled assets, like a splash page and logo to be created. Now we’re in the first phases of design while we also work on finding sponsors and judges. Stay tuned for more next steps.

I am also doing a side project that focuses on learning the steps of branding. I am doing this by making my own “brand”. I have designed logos, written a creative brief, and created a profile picture for my future “fan page.” Also later in this project I will be designing and creating facebook applications so keep an eye out.

High Tech High is not much different from Jacob Tyler in the way that High Tech High is all project based learning. They are similar because both of their work flows are almost exactly the same. For example, here at Jacob Tyler a client would walk in and request a project. They team would break into “groups” and begin working. At school, the teachers would create a project and then present it to the kids. Similarly, we would then break up into groups and kick off the project. Whenever we work on a project at school there is a lot of collaboration that happens between students. Here at JT, everyone works together in some different aspect of the project so that they make sure to have clear communication throughout the process. They accomplish this mainly by having meetings and emailing each other.

So far, this has been a great experience at Jacob Tyler and I look forward to getting more involved in the projects to come.