Heineken Beer Gloss – Just in time for Valentine's Day

by Jonathan Marshall

The fragrance of hops and the lightness of froth, for the first time in a gloss. On Valentine’s Day – the gift for her that makes you happy too.

Advertising Agency JWT nailed this concept – “Shining lips, golden highlights and an irresistible taste. For a long-lasting effect- repeat application.

“In this advertising campaign, JWT uses the simple yet comical differences between men and women as the foundation concept for Heineken’s creative advertising. Another good example of this would be their “Walk-in Fridge” spot they made about a year ago, also included below.

Bottomline – according to Heineken, men and women have completely different priorities, and at their most basic of levels, they want different things – a walk-in fridge of Heineken instead of a walk-in closet, and a lip gloss (for their gf) that tastes like Heineken instead of a lip gloss like Pink Whisper or Midnight Mocha Boom…