How Pinterest Saved a Marriage

Found this on Mashable and thought I’d repost to prove the wonder that is Pinterest and its ability to save a marriage…kindof. Enjoy.

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Jennifer Borget might be a great sewer, but she hates cleaning. Her husband does most of it — the dishes, vacuuming, laundry, bathrooms — and nags her to clean up her sewing and craft area.

But she refused to be a “Stepford wife,” she says, until Pinterest inspired her to make cleaning crafty.

The 26-year-old TV news reporter joined Pinterest last year to get better ideas for clothing styles. She loves to make dresses and matching hair bows for her 2-year-old daughter. Clothing patterns, ribbons, fabric, crafty paper and other sewing items flooded the living room of the family’s two-bedroom Austin, Texas, home. Dresses, hair bows and toys bulged out of a chest in her daughter’s bedroom.

“I tried to shove things in the corner of the living room, my craft area, and warned my husband to stay away,” she wrote in a blog post. “I blamed my disorder on our small living quarters.”

But in January, she had a change of heart when she saw a fabric organizer pin. A tutorial showed Borget how to wrap fabric around thin boards. Her fabric spilling out of a picnic basket is now neatly arranged on her bookshelf.

Next, she spooled ribbon that was normally tangled, onto clothing pins and tossed them into a glass jar. After that, she organized her patterns into a binder and moved on to sorting through her daughter’s toys. Her daughter’s dresses are now in a clear comforter bag. Borget started her own home organizing pin.

“My husband is very impressed with my Pinterest projects,” she said. “He likes the remote basket and my fabric organizer best.”

She says Pinterest saved her marriage. Well, there was never a threat of divorce, but the couple now has fewer reasons to argue about keeping the house tidy, and they’re happier.

“I still don’t like cleaning at all, but if it has to do with making something new and organizing things I like it,” Borget said.

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