How to Build Brand Advocates Using Social Media

We’ve been preaching and practicing this mantra for some time with Brand Ambassador programs we’re created and launched for a number of clients. Thrilled to see others share our sentiment and passion for quality in the social space.

Social is still a hot topic, but it’s something that most companies are familiar with at this point. Almost every company has a Twitter account, a Facebook page and/or a LinkedIn group. However, being active on social networks is really just the first step. Companies that are truly engaging their customers over social channels are creating brand advocates. A brand advocate functions as a sort of ambassador for your product/company/service. They believe in what you do and want to tell others about it.

Brand advocates can be one of the most important assets a company has. But how do you get them? Software Advice, an online resource for software buyers, had a change to sit down with Duke Chung, founder of Parature. In this video, Duke talks about five ways you can use social media channels to create brand advocates out of your loyal customers. He has some really great suggestions, so be sure to check out the video above.

Post by Lauren Carlson CRM Analyst, Software Advice