It's a Jungle Out There…

Last week we hosted our first social media marketing happy hour and guided a few of our client friends through the wide world of social. Take a look at our very own infographic, where we walk you through the ‘Big 7‘ social networks and what they’re all about.

At the root of all things social is (see the roots of the forest), you guessed it, your marketing plan. Your strategy and research will affect any and every tactic you execute – or they should.

So often people dive into the social space, or any space for that matter, without doing the proper research – which brings us to our fare social audit. From a competitive analysis and market research, to campaign creation and the development of supporting marketing channels, this is surely an important step of the process. This foundation will layer into your marketing plan and will dictate community management, relationship building, campaign execution, and even your analytics.

There’s a time and a place for everything – brands, people, and all – so don’t feel pressured to be everything to everyone. Take the time to find out where you fit best and spend your time developing a community there. Glossing over everything won’t do you or your customers any good.

We’ll leave you with this bit of sage wisdom: trying to be everything to everyone, everywhere all the time is like a rocking chair. It might entertain you for a while, but in the long run, it won’t get you anywhere….and you’ll be exhausted.

Write that down.

Cheers to social. Be strategic and start chatting.
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