Jacob Tyler adds 3D rendering to its list of services. That's right…this is not a photo!

Enter Alexander Mayes, a fantastic recent addition to the Jacob Tyler team. No…this is not his high school yearbook photo…. This is actually recent.

Alexander Mayes

He has come to Jacob Tyler with some great skills as a junior designer and wrapping up his college career at the art institute. We are happy to have him on board and he is already shaking things up. For example… he has brought 3D modeling knowledge and skills to create GREAT samples for our clients to view their package development prior to going to print or manufacturing. When asked how he did this, the answer I got was “In the sample below, the software used and final composition details were composed and lit using the Greyscale Gorilla Light Kit Pro in Cinema4D, the bottle was modeled in Maya and given detail to in 3DS Max to generate perfect geometry. The label text was vector art designed in Adobe Illustrator and imported into a UV texture map and applied to a bottle in 3DS. The whole bottle is using procedural textures except for the label. Finally, Adobe Photoshop CS5 was used to image edit and make the two bottles look cohesive.”

Not bad for a rookie!

Blink Energy Water Bottles 3D Rendering
Blink Energy Water Bottles 3D Rendering