Jacob Tyler Creative Group to be featured in upcoming Harper Collins reference book

Les Kollegian
San Diego, CA – May 5, 2008 San Diego’s fastest-growing marketing communications firm is set to be included in the upcoming reference title, Market Smart Design — not once, but twice. This volume, published by HarperCollins in New York, is set for worldwide distribution in early 2009. It highlights the best graphic designs created for specialized target markets, and two JTCG websites — active.com and teens.drugaubse.gov — were picked by the panel of experts.

“We’re excited to be included,” says JTCG owner/creative director Les Kollegian, “not only because it’s a prestigious industry-wide honor, but because very few companies see more than one of their websites featured.”

The criteria was tough: Sites had to offer attractive, engaging design . . . meaty content . . . breezy navigation . . . and a solid grasp of its niche target market. Nancy Heinonen, Publications Director for Crescent Hill Books, headed the search — and notes that “We received well over one thousand submissions,” yet the vast majority didn’t make the cut. “What appealed to us about these two sites were not only great design, but also how well they conveyed understanding the market.”

The 9-million-member active.com site helps fitness-focused people connect with other like-minded individuals and organizations. JTCG’s challenge was to make navigation simple and quick, considering the site covers so much for this audience — from sports to nutrition to equipment to events and more.

The teens.drugabuse.gov site faced numerous challenges; as a federal government program, its goal is to educate young people about the dangers of drugs.

“Teens are a tough market,” Nancy points out, explaining how JTCG’s challenge was so difficult. “For instance, there are lots of trends with colors . . . if you’re out of bounds, teens will know.” JTCG’s use of Web 2.0 provides ideal interactive options, Les adds.

“They’re two vastly different assignments,” Les says, “which is why I’m so proud of our entire team — everyone involved in these projects was able to focus on the unique needs of that specific audience, and speak their language effectively.”