Jacob Tyler "scores" big for College Magazine

University News Article

When we work with our clients, we always strive to continue to market and network for brands beyond any print or Web design
that we may create and deliver.

One example was helping to deliver Dr. Wizard to College Magazine. Joe Webb created a blog called “Dr. Wizard” geared to college students who were seeking advice online on all topics. We think it’s a great niche and love Joe’s writing style. The partnership for College Magazine includes inclusion of exclusive articles posted on www.collegemagazine.com. In return, College Magazine is mentioned on the Dr. Wizard blog which is currently receiving about 1500 unique visitors daily. We feel it is a great match for College Magazine as Dr. Wizard has signed a book deal which will surely increase his exposure, as well as our clients.

University News in St. Louis, Missouri recently published an article about the blog and I was interviewed for the piece.

College Magazine is a print publication on the East coast with currently a small distribution of 40,000 magazines to Universities and Colleges in Maryland, DC, and Virginia.