JT Behind the Scenes: A Sneak Peek of Making Melody











What happens when we’re asked to invent the brand behind Soundcast’s sleek wireless speaker system that packs a punch of high quality sound?

Here’s a behind-the-scenes peek:

1. Handwriting contest

Putting their best penmanship forward, the JT team had script-off. Cursive makes a come back.

2. Experiencing Melody

We submersed ourselves in the music, listening at home and in the office, which served as inspiration for developing the Melody story.

“Sophisticated, sexy, smart.Always invited.”

3. Icons, icons, icons

We transformed Melody’s key elements into unique icons for each.


4. BBQs & Boat Excursions

As a portable product, building the Melody brand called for lifestyle photoshoots in our favorite

San Diego destinations, from Balboa Park to Coronado beach.

5. Melody in a box

Tying together copy and imagery, we created a product packaging design that invites you to learn more about Melody.

No, not this box…